Freezing The Corona Virus, Any Ideas?

Hong Kong scientists have found a substance that can "freeze" the corona virus on surfaces for 90 days.

Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have successfully developed a surface disinfectant that can resist all viruses, including corona virus, for up to 90 days. The anti-bacterial coating called MAP-1 is designed for use on glass, metal, plastic, leather and fabric surfaces.

Scientists publish the results of the research. Photo: Germagic.


MAP-1 is capable of "significantly longer" than conventional disinfectants that use alcohol or detergents. These are usually only short-acting and will evaporate into the air.

To achieve this success, scientists have used thermal polymers to react with contaminants from surface contact or splash. Specifically, the thermal polymer releases a disinfectant when it senses an increase in the temperature of a person's hand that is touched or moisture from the splash. At that time, the virus will be inactivated.

Previously, the Hong Kong government published a similar study in the Medical Journal in 2018 and said that the disinfectant solution was not highly effective when tested in several major hospitals.

According to Reuters, the corona virus coating is expected to hit the market in Hong Kong in May after completing clinical trials in February.

Commercial centers, schools, churches and physical training facilities in Hong Kong have used the solution. Scientists say that MAP-1 is not toxic to humans.

HKUST has not yet responded to the introduction of the MAP-1 to the US and other countries around the world. Currently in Hong Kong, the epidemic has been on a downward trend with no new cases of Covid-19 being reported in the past few days.

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