IZION is a see-through protective mask that is integrated with GERMAGIC antibacterial stick-on filter. IZION is exclusively distributed by ICE BioTech.

In the midst of a pandemic, it is essential to equip yourself and your family with a powerful mask. There are numerous reasons you should choose IZION among other masks currently available on the market:

☘️IZION protects two-way - both the wearer and the community - with GERMAGIC antibacterial stick-on filter, effectively destroying many viruses and bacteria within 60 - 90 seconds

☘️ Transparent design to fully show off your face and smile. Suitable for showing off your lipstick color and your own personality 💋

☘️Easy to communicate

☘️Easy face recognition unlock

☘️Made of TPU plastic material - flexible, soft, safe and sustainable, quickly cleaned and reusable

An IZION full-solution package includes a strap, a replacement filter paper (replacement recommended after 15 days of use), a waterproof cloth wiper, and many other attractive gifts!