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Privacy Policy

I. Privacy policy and information sharing

1. Purpose

ICE BioTech respects your privacy, wants to protect your personal and payment information. The "Privacy Policy" below is the commitment that we make, to respect and protect the rights of our visitors.

2. Specific provisions

2.1 / Collect information

- When customers make transactions / register to open accounts at ICE BioTech, customers must provide some necessary information. Customer naturally provides information to juno to assist with return / warranty as well as inform the customer of any incentives.

- It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the information is correct and always updated fully and accurately.

- If the customer wants to change the information provided before, there are 2 ways: Meet directly with the sales staff at the store or call the customer service hotline: +84 89 844 54 09. Supply grant old information to edit and new information to be updated on the information system.

2.2 / Storing and keeping private information confidential

- Customer information, as well as exchanges between customers and Juno, are stored and kept confidential by ICE BioTech's system.

- Information will be stored from the time customers provide it on ICE BioTech's system and not be lost (permanently stored).

- ICE BioTech has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of customer information.

2.3 / Using customer information

- Only internal departments can use the stored information of customers including: Marketing Department, Customer Service Department, Sales staff at the store and online sales team, shipping .

* ICE BioTech reserves the right to use customer information provided to:

- Delivery according to the address you provide.

- Provide information related to products, benefits, offers or other correspondence.

- Processing orders and providing services and information via the website at your request.

- Using information collected from cookies to improve user experience and the quality of services.

- ICE BioTech uses customer's phone number information to create a member account. Thereby creating "Loyalty Program" that brings special privileges and benefits for loyal customers of ICE BioTech.

3. Share customer information

ICE BioTech is committed to not sharing customer information with any other company except those companies and third parties directly related to the delivery. We may disclose or provide your personal information in truly necessary cases as follows:

- When required by law agencies.

- Sharing customer information with advertising partners like Google for example, customer remarketing based on customer behavior.

- Market research and analysis reports and absolutely not pass to third parties.

4. Contact, answer, questions.

Whenever customers need assistance, please contact ICE BioTech at hotline: +84 89 844 54 09


II. Payment privacy policy

- The card payment system on ICE BioTech is provided by payment gateway partners who are legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. Therefore, ICE BioTech's card payment security standards ensure compliance with the Payment Partners' security standards.

In addition, ICE BioTech also has separate payment transaction security standards to ensure the security of customers' payment information.


For any questions about the program, please contact:
Customer care hotline: +84 89 844 54 09