90-Day Lasting New Corona Virus Cure - Made In Hong Kong

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TTO - Scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have researched for 10 years to perfect the anti-virus nano coating, helping to protect the surface of items from bacteria and viruses like corona virus strains. new within 90 days.

This antiviral nano coating, called MAP-1, can be sprayed onto surfaces that people are frequently exposed to in public, such as buttons in elevators and handrails.
"Those places are touched by everyone, they are also infectious points," said Joseph Kwan, visiting professor at HKUST and one of the key researchers of the mantle development team.

The antiviral coating is formed after spraying millions of disinfectant nano capsules, according to Reuters news agency on April 27. Professor Kwan said the mantle still effectively kills bacteria, viruses and spores after drying.

Unlike conventional disinfection methods such as diluted bleach and alcohol, Kwan says MAP-1 is effectively enhanced by thermogenic polymers that can release disinfectants in human contact.

After the MAP-1 underwent clinical trials this year at a hospital in Hong Kong and at the home of an elderly man, Germagic, a unit of HKUST's industrial partner Chiaphua Industries Ltd, was granted. for the commercialization of this coating product.

The coating has been officially approved and used for mass use since February (thanks to a local charity), and will hit shelves in Hong Kong in May. With the help of a local charity. Nano coatings, non-toxic to the skin and the environment, were sprayed in more than 1,000 homes by low-income households in the city.

The research team said Hong Kong malls, schools and sports training centers have also used the coating. Germagic Company also plans to introduce domestic versions 50ml and 200ml for between 70 - 250 Hong Kong dollars (about 9-32 USD).

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